Snow Storm Causes Major Power Outages Across East Cost

Corey Flynn

Thousands of people along the east cost suffered major power losses from this weekend’s snow storm. Some of the hardest hit areas include New York,Pennsylvania,New Jersey,Vermont,New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. All these places lost power for days and some still do not have power. Most of the outages were caused by the trees because they still have leaves on them, making the snow really heavy and dense when they fall on the power lines.

Franklin was also affected by this early October storm. Just like when they late summer hurricane hit, many parts of Franklin were without power for days. This was very frustrating for many people and was dangerous to some without heat.  We were lucky that it wasn’t December or January because no heat for a few days in the middle of winter could be deadly.

They need to come up with a new system for the power lines  whether they put them underground or make them sturdier somehow, they need to be fixed to avoid these problems. They could put some type of casing over the wires to protect them and make the actual poles more durable, that way they don’t fall over so easily. If that does not workout then they should consider putting them underground, completely protecting them, although I could see some potential issues with putting them underground. Hopefully they come up with some solution so we do not lose power again for multiple days.