Alaska Prepares for “The Epic Storm”

Jack Corsi

We have seen “Perfect Storms” and “destructive” storms hit our country, but this may be the first time we see an “epic” storm. The western portion of Alaska will be the part of the state directly hit.  The storm, began moving inland from the Aleutian Islands, is  expected to bring hurricane like winds with chances of these gusts getting up to 100 miles per hour. The storm also could feature heavy snowfall, coastal flooding and severe erosion to the western coast of the state.

Andy Brown, lead forecaster of the National Weather service said storms like these are “common this time of year, but this is unusual because of its trajectory.” Brown also stated he expects the storm to go very far north.

Nome is expected to be one of the hardest hit during the storm.  Officals in Nome issued an evacuation notice to the people living on Front Street. Front Street is a beach side district that serves as the finish point for the Iditorod Trail Dog Sled Race. Other beach side towns have also recieved the notice to evacuate.

Escape routes and situations have already been put into place by the U.S. Coast Guard. Long distant routes have been not been considered as feasible. This storm being labeled as “epic” is the right definition for a storm like this. All we can do as a nation is just sit and wait, and hope that the communities will be alright.