Foxboro Considers Own Utility Company, Should Franklin?

Corey Flynn

Recently residents of the town of Foxboro were able to voice their complaints to National Grid in a town meeting regarding power outages. Before they had the chance to do so, Foxboro’s power went out again. When the power finally went back on there was a huge line of people waiting to complain about their service during the storm. They also talked about getting their own utility company. Foxboro ended up filing a formal complaint with the Department of Public Utilities.

Maybe Franklin should also look into getting their own utility company. It could be beneficial to have our own electric company. People would not have to wait so long during power outages because the company would be right in Franklin. We would not have to wait for National Grid to respond to everyone else first. Plus a very large amount of people in Franklin rely on National Grid’s services. Especially with winter just around the corner and possible snow storms, we do not want to be left without power during winter months.Franklin should consider getting their own power company.