Freak Snow Storms in October

Pooja Agarwal

It’s not even winter and New England is already experiencing nor’easter snow storms!  Massachusetts and other parts of New England received a wide range of snowfall from 3 inches to 26 inches!  This brutal storm was a mix of rain and snow, making it very heavy and therefore knocking down power lines and trees all over the place which resulted in 2 snow days in Franklin, on Halloween and the November 1st, and some towns had the whole week off.  Several students are concerned about their April vacations and how long school will last because of these snow days.  For anyone who does not know, we have had 5 “snow days” from the hurricane and the snow storm, so our current last day of school is June 21st.  Students taking tests with an unmovable date are getting antsy about whether they will finish learning the curriculum too.  Another concerning aspect of the storm was that thousands were without power  again since Hurricane Irene in September.  A lot of customers of National Grid and other power companies were horrified by the response of these utilities.  Some houses were without power for more than a week after the storm!  Additionally, over 20 deaths were reported with the storm to blame, from the heating in their houses, to contact with live wire.  Many people fear what is to come from Mother Nature in the next few months after disastrous tornadoes in June, an earthquake in Virginia felt in some parts of Massachusetts, a hurricane causing great damage, and now a snow storm in October!  So everyone, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get any more crazy weather!