Show Your College Spirit!

Karley Newton

Tomorrow is the second day of Spirit Week, and it’s College Day! Show off your school pride by wearing your favorite college sweatshirt, shirt, or pants, and earn points for your class at the same time.

As always, school dress code rules still apply, but be sure to have some fun with it, don”t be afraid to go all out! All day today the skeleton was still in the front lobby, wearing a college outfit to remind everyone about tomorrow.

Everyone is encouraged to dress up, not only to boost school moral, but also to be the class that gains the most points for an ice cream party. Each day, the first place class gets 4 points, second gets 3 points, third is 2 points, and last place only recives one point.

Currently the Seniors are in the lead, as 151 people wore PJs, followed by the sophomores with 70 participants. Third place goes to the freshmen, with 65 people wearing PJs, and finally the Juniors are in last place, with only 64 people dressing down. However, the celebration is still young, so be sure to wear your college gear to change the standings!