Crazy or not? Local Teen Killer Is Evaluated

Rachita Chaudhury and Rachita Chaudhury

We’ve all heard about someone being exonerated from a crime because of a mental disability. How far can this excuse go and how close to home can this problem hit?

It is difficult to rest when you know that a crazy, dangerous person can only be determined after killing. Sure everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but measures should be taken to get these potentially harmful people off the streets.

Creepy crimes are no stranger to us because of the shows we watch and the crazy news stories we see.

These crimes are on a new level now because there has been a triple murder in Weymouth and the killer was an 18 year old boy. The crime scene was gruesome. The murderer, Donald Rudolph, killed his mother, sister, and mother’s boyfriend with a knife and a hammer.

He was recorded as saying “I really [messed] up” as he was escorted away from the crime scene according to

The boy’s lawyer claims that he doesn’t remember anything from the killing. Rudolph has been taken to the hospital to have a psychiatric evaluation. That is a test to determine whether he has mental problems that could have harmed his thinking and thus caused him to cruelly kill these innocent people.

Rudolph pleads not guilty in this crime where he was caught trying to sneak out of the house with blood on his hands.

Is it fair that he could be let off the hook completely because he has a psychological problem? He killed his own family and yet might go unscathed.

This makes one wonder how accurate a test of the mind can be and how fair the system is when it comes to mental patients. This problem has seemed far off in the past, but Weymouth is a quiet Massachusetts town just nearby and we want to know we are in a safe law system.