Home Invasion Strikes Fear into the Hearts of Franklin Citizens

Molly Bond

Early Thursday morning, the home of an elderly woman on Mount Street in our very own Franklin was invaded by two hooded, armed men. The woman was reportedly tied down to her bed and threatened at gunpoint.  The men demanded her ATM card, and took cash as well before fleeing the scene.

There are two major leads in this situation. For one, an image of the men was taken later the same day at an ATM machine in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, which has now been distributed to the public. Another lead, which has greater indication of identities of these two felons, is that one of the men was wearing a Mount St. Charles sweatshirt.

“We’re kind of keying in on the sweatshirt,” said Deputy Police Chief Stephen Semerjian to the Milford Daily News. The Franklin Police Department has asked for any information that would help with the identification of the two men from the Mount St. Charles School, as well as schools in the Woonsocket area, but they beg for anybody else with information to please step up.

It is suspected that this is somewhat of an inside job; someone with access to the victim an her home, as well as knowledge of her financial situation.

One may wonder, who could do this? Who has the sick ability to constrain a lone elderly woman, and threaten her life, all for money? It is a real eye-opener to those who had not already realized the existing cruelty in today’s society. “It’s really sickening,” says long-time Franklin resident Brenda Benson. “And really terrifying. I always thought Franklin to be such a safe place for my family.”

The Franklin Police Department urges citizens to be aware of this potential danger and to, again, please come forward with any information on the felons.