Jackpot! Casino on Massachusetts’ Horizon?

Laura Cafasso

Oh the sparkling slot machines, the allure of a royal flush, and the possibility of winning more cash than you make at your job. That is the attraction of a Casino, and now the Bill to build one in Massachusetts passed in the Senate and the House on Tuesday, as reported by the Boston Herald.

The results from the House were 118-33 and the Senate’s results were 23-14, propelling the Bill directly to Governor Deval Patrick. Although many adults are happy to see this Disney World-esque idea come into play, the Governor is taking numerous things into consideration before even signing the Bill.

First of all, construction would take several years, the money is always a huge factor, and finding a potential owner or seeing which tribe will offer land all ties into this proposal. Massachusetts has also decided not to have any competitive land bidding until after July, while they work out proposals and find possible locations around town. New Bedford Mayor Scott W. Lang says that the casino would have to have “integration with the local economy.”

Since New Bedford is the current hope for the casino’s location, Mayor Scott Lang elaborated that he wants to sit down with the developers to make sure they have decent plans for his city, even though he leaves office in January.

Currently, Andrew Stern who manages KG Urban Enterprises, says he has high hopes for a location on the Cannon Street brownfield site. But since this is still in the works, gamblers will just have to drive on down to Mohegan Sun for the weekend. What is your opinion, Franklin High? Could a casino help boost our revenue or will competition sweep the board?