We’ve Been Hit! Bullet Smashes White House Window

Rachita Chaudhury

The Secret Service found a bullet that had smashed a window of the White House before being stopped by the anti-ballistic glass and another bullet outside the building. Freshman Leah Benson stated that she hopes “nothing else happens and no one gets hurt”.

The bullets were discovered Tuesday morning after a shooting that occurred on Friday just half a mile away from the White House. The shooting was between two vehicles and later that night an abandoned vehicle was discovered with an AK-47 rifle.

A warrant for the arrest of Oscar Ramiro Ortega has been issued because he was carrying a dangerous weapon and taking part in this dangerous activity near the President’s home. Ortega has connections to Idaho, but is believed to still be in D.C. as of now.

President Obama and the First Lady were in California while the shooting took place.

Law enforcement wants to get a hold of Ortega to get his side of the story. Right now, officials cannot confirm a link between the late night shooting and the bullets found.

If the White House got hit so easily without anyone being arrested almost a week later, how can we expect to be safe? Sophomore Zak Borrelli said that he “can’t believe the White House got hit and they didn’t catch the guy”. It is slightly nerve-racking, but we just need to hope that they find out more information soon.

This is the exact reason as to why the White House has that special anti-ballistic glass. It is good that no one inside was hurt.

Ortega has been arrested before for drug, alcohol, and assault charges. In addition, he is documented as having a tattoo that saysIsrael.

The President is in Australia right now, which is a safe distance from any repercussions of the incident. The police hope to find answers to their questions as soon as possible.