Break-ins Continue to Tear Across Franklin

Molly Bond

Between Tuesday, November 8th, and Monday, November 14th, there have been at least half a dozen break-ins in Franklin, all within the same neighborhood of Union and Mount Street.

The people who have been terrorizing the citizens of Franklin by breaking into entering into their homes are suspected to be two white men, traveling in a green sedan with a Rhode Island license plate. This information was released by the Franklin police, who advise the people of Franklin to just be aware of the situation at hand.

“We just want people to know to stay alert at all times and to keep their eyes open,” said Deputy Police Chief  Stephen Semerjian to the Milford Daily News this past Saturday. “We always like to remind people that they need to call when they see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in their neighborhoods.”

The majority of these break-ins have occurred between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., so students who have parents that work between these hours need to be especially cautious. Actions that can be taken to prevent a break-in include locking all doors and windows, reporting any suspicious behavior in neighborhoods, and just bearing in mind the possibilities that come with two criminals being on the loose.

These two men are also known to be violent. There is no way of knowing the limits of two people who are able to constrain a weak, elderly woman by tying her to her bed.

Until these two criminals are caught, it is best that all residents of Franklin proceed with extreme caution. Anyone with information on these two men or their whereabouts is encouraged to step forward.