Number One Place to Raise A Family 2012: Franklin, MA

Molly Bond and Molly Bond

That’s right! Our very own Franklin has been determined to be the number one place in Massachusetts to raise a family by the Bloomberg Businessweek.

A resident may wonder,  what’s so special about our town? What makes us stand out?

For one thing, our public school system. According to Bloomsberg, Franklin’s public schools have some of the best and most rigorous curricula in the state, which leads to some of the best test scores. For example, the average math score for this town is an impressive 77.17, while the whole state’s average turns out to be a 60.77. Our reading scores show the same result, with an 83.03 in Franklin, but a state average of 69. 17.

Another stand-out quality about Franklin is the sports teams and opportunities. Franklin’s high-school sports exhibit excellent sportsmanship as well as skill, seeing as six FHS sports teams won the title “Hock Champs’ this past fall season. Also, Bloomsberg recognizes the “many physical activities, from ice-hockey to yoga” offered outside of school.

Also, being home of the nation’s first public library, readers and history-lovers from all over the state feel attracted to the books donated by Bejamin Franklin himself, for whom the town is named.

So how does a resident of this town feel? College student and long-time resident of Franklin Laura Troy is thrilled by this recent revelation. “Why would you want to live anywhere else?” says a smiling Troy.

Another resident is not so pleased. Sophomore Emily Lavallee said “After living here 15 years, there’s not much new to do.”

Is Franklin the the excellent town portrayed in Bloomsberg, with its outstanding educational and athletic opportunities? Or is it just another sleepy town in the suburbs, with a serious lack of excitement? That depends on opinion, but the stats do reveal this to be a great town to grow up.