Black Friday Debacles!

Karley Newton

This year’s Black Friday boasted the largest numbers yet, so of course a few unfortunate events came with it. Although authorities say that “fewer than expected” injuries occurred, mayhem still filled malls and plazas alike.

In Los Angeles, police reported that a woman unleashed pepper spray on fifteen victims in an attempt to get people out of her way in a local Walmart. The woman managed to pay for the items she wanted, and flee the scene before the police were able to arrive. An investigation has been opened, but no arrests have been made yet.

Locally, the Wrentham Outlets and Emerald Square Mall were filled with midnight shoppers, hungry for deals. Coryrose LeBlanc, a junior, worked at one of the chocolate factories at the outlets on Black Friday, and says “it was the craziest shift I’ve ever worked. It took me three hours to get to work when it normally takes me fifteen minutes, and I was running around nonstop all day.”

The shopping experience was no less hectic according to Franklin High students, like Nick Courtois. “I went to the outlets with my family, and I seriously lost them at one point. There were people everywhere!”

Although the events of Black Friday for Franklin High students were reletively tame, the largest number of shoppers yet certainly caused an uproar. The deals were just as wild as the shoppers themselves!