Help JFK Win the Money!

Nicole Morelli

John F. Kennedy Elementary School has been trying for a while to raise enough money for a brand new playground. Through several attemps the school has made some money but not nearly enough for an entire new playground.

Recently JFK entered a contest with Pepsi that gives the needed funds to a school to fund their projects and Kennedy is in the running for 50,000 dollar! The top ten projects will be supplied with the funding and currently the project is number 10. This means that if enough people keep voting, the project can hold its rank and the school will earn the money, but they need your help!

There are a few ways you can help with this project:

  1. Text in a vote: Send a text with the numbers 109738 to Pepsi(73774) and your vote will be counted.
  2. Go to, log in, and VOTE!

This project was brought about by a parent whose child has disabilities and cannot safely access the playground. She believes that the school should have an inclusive playground so that all the children may play together. The current standing playground was last updated in October of 2000, which consisted of a small addition to the already existing playground.

Voting is open until November 30th and remember you can only vote once a day each way. With your help we can build the first inclusive playground in Franklin and make sure every child is included in ever day play.