America’s Next Top Animated Model

With the graphics technology nowadays, the modeling industry could deteriorate in 20 years or so.

So far, computer made models have been used in the lingerie and swimsuit sections of H&M’s online store. H&M is a huge designer clothing company that spans Europe, North America, and Australia.

Lingerie and swimsuits are the least-covering articles of clothing, thus making it easier to imitate what they look like on a human. With the advances today, however, imitating sweaters, jeans, and other pieces of clothing will become easy and effective.

Some accuse the fashion industry of further setting impossible ideals for a woman’s body by creating an image like this. This argument, however, could be brought up against mannequins as well saying that they display the perfect human body as a certain size and shape.

This technique of computer animation mimics what model’s look like and sets the focus on the H&M clothing instead of the models. We can expect other parts of the store and other stores as well to adopt this idea since it saves them time, money and dealing with unpredictable women.

If computers can generate human images just as easily as they make our favorite Pixar characters, models will no longer be relevant. Fashion shows could be completely visual and on-screen events. They could even take them further and make them 3-D.

Just like how we don’t see cobblers everywhere anymore, technology has evolved and will push human models out of the picture in the next few decades. Who will professional athletes marry and teenage boys dream about?!