Generation Y Military Growth

Local recruiting offices state that they believe to be seeing a large increase in recruit numbers in recent years, “I can’t tell if I’m crazy or what but it feels like I have more kids signing up for the guard now than I ever have” says Sergeant William White of the National Guard recruiting office in Medfield MA.

After long discussion I had with Sergeant White it seemed as though he wasn’t crazy, but there may be a legitimate cause as to why generation Y is booming with military recruits.

Those who have researched upon the theory believe that the increase is the result of the September 11th attacks on the twin towers. Generation Y would’ve been between the ages of 1 to 21 years old at the time of the attacks. Researchers place the blame of the increase of recruits to the September 11th attacks because they believe that since these children have grown up almost entirely during war time they are more susceptible to wanting to take part in the war that they have grown up in.

Also the overwhelming sense of national pride that the war provides seems to draw recruits in. Every 4th of July, Veterans day, Memorial day, and September 11th, sheds light on the heroic actions of the soldiers fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom; It seems as though the media highlights these actions now more than ever. Finally the Military believes that their recent increase in militant benefits is drawing in recruits.

With offers of free tuition to any state school plus yellow ribbon discounts to any college, a $100,000 education fund, free health care, and many more exceptional benefits, military officials believe that if you’re thinking about joining the military it’s almost a no brainer. While some people are thrilled about the new flood of recruits, others believe young recruits are just brainwashed from years of wartime exposure and the military is not what they expect it to be.

Franklin High School students are at the prime age to be recruited, so PantherBook would like to pose the question, do you think you would join the military for your own reasoning? Or is Military service glorified by the media?