Tragedy Strikes Worcester FD

Paige Hardy and Paige Hardy

The Worcester Fire Department was called out to a triple decker home that was engulfed in flames shortly after four am on Thursday morning. This fire tragically claimed the life of Jon Davies.  High winds fueled the fire and within minutes the rear of the building collapsed on top of two fire fighters that were sent into search for a possible missing resident.

For about an hour rescuers worked to free the two trapped fire fighters. Brian Carroll was freed from the basement but Jon Davies, a fire fighter for seventeen years and father of three was found dead on the first floor of the apartment building. Ironically, Mr. Davies was stationed at the fire house that was built at the sight of the last Worcester Fire Department tragedy in 1999 where six fire fighters died.

Crews continue to search for the missing resident and are working to determine the cause of the three alarm fire. The state fire marshal is working with Worcester fire and police investigators as well as state building inspectors to determine the cause.