Obama Passes Horse-Slaughter Law In US

Alicia Kutil

Obama and Congress quietly passed a new law a couple weeks ago making slaughtering horses legal in the United States.

President Obama claims that the slaughter houses will create more jobs in the US.

Horse meat is eaten frequently in other countries such as Mexico and Canada.

Slaughter houses could be created and running in less than a month says Congress.

The US is expecting a huge controversey over this issue because there are so many horse farms and people who own horses who are horrified at this new law.

The law allows people to slaughter horses. Said and done. However, horses have become a huge part of human life. They are people’s pets so killing them and eating them is like killing and eating your dog or cat. Now that’s digusting.

Horse lovers and animal lovers are devasted by the pass of this new law. People have said that they have sent letters to Obama telling him that they once supported him but now are disgusted with his presidential decisions.

Sue D on care2.com said ” I have been angry before, but have stayed supportive of Obama. I have written a long letter about my disappointment in “Change” that hasn’t happened and this is the last straw. I will no longer support nor vote for Obama.”

There are multiple “hate” comments on this website expressing their hate for Obama and their hate for the new law that was passed.

FHS Junior Haley Mederios, who has riden horses her entire life commented on the suprising pass of the law.

“I dont believe that any animal should be slaughtered.Some people are as close to horses as others are to their dog or cat”.

There are many views on this subject. Some people are excited about the new jobs this will create; however horse lovers are devasted and they say they will protest this law until the end.

What do you think about the new horse-slaughter law?


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