The Start Of It All.

Scientist say of yesterday, they are closing in on the ” god particle ” or in other words, how our universe came to be. The particle was not actually found and studied but there are clues shown in experiments that very well may lead to this discovery.

Space, time, creation, progression, all things studied in depth over time but none ever actually 100% known as discovered. Time’s discovery is too complex to go all the way back to come to a conclusion on the ” beginning ” so theories are made and ideas to define the creation but there is no proof or definite facts.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most famous conclusions to creation of all time because of the scientific proof towards the matter. The theory claims the universe was an atom in which exploded to our universe today that progressed from a time we still can’t pin point which is why it is still a Theory.

This ” God Particle ” that scientists everywhere are trying to obtain or study is trying to be tawed out by the European Organization Of Nucleur Research or CERN. They have conclueded that the particle is the mass of almost triple of a proton. No definite conclusions have been made but CERN claims to have the existance or nonexistance in the next year.