Twin Towers Burning In South Korea?

Corey Flynn

A recent design for towers to be built in Seoul South Korea has some people in an outrage because of their similarity to the Twin Towers burning.  

 These towers were designed by Dutch architects and are supposed to be done by    2016.  

One tower will have 54 floors and the other will have 60. The design eerily resembles the Twin Towers burning and it’s hard to believe that the architects did not have this in mind when they were designing it.

White Paik who is the spokesman for Yongsan Development Corporation commented on these allegations.

“Allegations that it [the design] was inspired by the 9/11 attacks are groundless,” quoted him saying. “There will be no revision or change in our project”.

Jim Riches an ex fire-fighter who’s son was killed on the 9/11 attacks did not believe the architects.

“It looks just like the towers imploding,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying. “I think they’re trying to sensationalise it. It’s a cheap way to get publicity.”