Kim Jong-II is Dead

Maggie Daubenspeck

North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-II, died Saturday, December 17, at the age of 69 and his successor is yet to be known.

North Korea’s government alerted the world of their late leader’s death today due to “physical and mental overwork”. North Korea’s KCNA went into specifics stating that Kim Jong-II suffered a heart attack on a train and could not be saved after many attempts to help him.

Already videos are surfacing of the country mourning Kim Jong-II. A normally private country also recently opened its borders to select tour groups, as announced on November 15 by the Washington Post.

Not much is known about Kim Jong-II, a private man much like his country, but the world is aware of his third son, Kim Jong-un. His son is now being named the successor by a North Korean news broadcast but many believe this to be speculation.

Kim Jong-II’s funeral will be help December 28 and the world hopes to be aware of the late dictator’s successor.