Top Five Hair Care Myths

Tori Moses and Tori Moses

With all of the advertisements that bombard you on a daily basis, don’t you ever wonder which ones are real and with ones are just marketing ploys? Companies and corporations use exaggerated myths and out right lies to get you to buy their products, but what are the real facts? This week I’m busting the top five hair care myths.


  1. You need to scrub your hair to get it clean: With all the damage your hair takes on a daily basis already, the last thing you need is to rub the follicles ever more. If you just massage your scalp gently, the suds form the shampoo will wash down the end of your hair and that’s enough to get it clean.
  2. There is a shampoo that will fix your split ends: Once the ends of your hair are split, they are spilt forever. There are certain products that can temporarily glue the ends back to together, but it doesn’t last forever. The best thing to do it cut the split ends off at your next hair appointment.
  3. Dry shampoo only works if you use it all over: Dry shampoo isn’t meant to sprayed all over your head, it might turn your hair white and it definitely would take a while to get out. Just spraying a little on your roots, letting it set, then brushing it out will do the trick.
  4. Brushing your hair is good: Brushing your hair to untangle it is good but over brushing your hair when you don’t need it can pull out hair follicles that are not ready to come out.
  5. Box coloring is better than salon coloring: Box coloring, while it is easier and cheaper, contains a lot of harmful metals, especially darker colors. While many people think salon coloring is more harmful than box, but a lot of salons use gentle conditioners. Plus they are professionals so if your hair needs specific needs, they will know what to do.