Two Real Life Grinches

Laura Cafasso

You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch. . .how about two Grinches? It is the season to be at your jolliest, but how can you be jolly if a couple is stealing your precious packages right from your doorstep?

Kristen Casey, 26, and Manuel Sheenan, 27 are two Somerville residents who were apprehended early this week after the Medford Police Department gave Somerville police a lead, having to do with their car color and appearance.

As said by, the terrible twosome were caught near McGrath Highway.

Somerville Police issued this statement:” Officers immediately noticed that the car was full of boxes marked for deliver to a variety of local addresses.”

It is reported that these naughty-list makers were lugging around more than 100 gifts, and these just weren’t in their vehicle, but in their home as well. Some of the merchandise included shampoo, clothing, and other gifts.

Today, Casey and Sheenan are to appear for arraignment  at Somerville District Court concerning their receival of stolen goods.

Meanwhile with a stroke of good holiday cheer, police are working like fantastic elves to restore families’ stolen packages by Christmastime.

However, just late this morning, news broke that they pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to, Casey is a first time offender, whereas Sheenan has had 31 convictions as an adult, while missing 18 of those court dates. They both had “no comment”¬† for reporters.

It looks like this couple will be getting coal in their stockings.