Little Girl vs. Lion

Nicole Morelli

Separated by only several inches of glass, little Miss Sofia Walker showed no fear as a lion began attacking the glass between them.

At the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand Miss Walker, 3, had climbed onto a small platform to watch the lions feed. The angered male lion, Malik, who just wanting some peace while he dined, went into defense mode. As he approached the glass most people began to step away, but not Miss Walker.

Watching from nearby was Miss Walker’s parents. While the mother was slightly unnerved by the encounter, the father was proud.

“Maybe it felt threatened that Sofia might try and take [the food] or that he preferred to eat her,” Julian, Miss Walker’s father, said. “He walked up to the glass and this is the surprise reaction. This went on for five minutes and I’m very proud of my daughter.”

Mrs. Walker later posted a video of this confrontation to YouTube. With a little over 250,000 views, Miss Walker continues to amaze the world with her bravery.