Homecoming’s Come Back

Homecomings Come Back

Hannah Daly

This Friday is the homecoming game at seven o’clock; following the game is the homecoming dance also at seven o’clock Saturday evening. This year’s homecoming is going to be bigger and better than ever.

“This year we’re going to have floats at the half time of the football game” says Zak Borelli, class of 2014 representative “all for classes have their own float and then all the fall sports teams should be marching.”

“The floats are new this year, it’s something we’re really stressing.” continues Borelli “every class—2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 has been asked to create a float that will show school spirit”

This year’s homecoming game is going to showcase our school spirit through every grade. We haven’t heard much about the floats yet. Who is making the class floats? What do the floats mean?

“We’re thinking about [a competition] right now” Borelli goes on to say that while each class is creating their own float, there may be a competition between classes underway “the trouble is getting a good enough prize to motivate them, but hopefully we do get something really good for the [winning class]”

“I know—for instance, my class, class of 2014 all the class representatives and the officers got together about a week ago and built our float” responds Borelli when asked about how the floats were being built, “But I know that some classes have been taking volunteers”

So what is the motivation behind sudden attempt at making homecoming big?

“Mr. Leighton brought up that we do homecoming kind of strange.” Says Borelli confirming the truth behind our otherwise mellow homecoming, “We agreed… so we thought we would make it a lot bigger than it used to be”

This year’s homecoming is going to be bigger than ever, tickets are on sale twelve dollars for the game and the dance, and ten dollars for the game alone; show some spirit and go!

Do the new homecoming events sound fun?


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