The Power of a Smile

Rachel O'Donnell , Writer

There’s no denying that, as high school students, the stresses of homework and essays can sometimes get us down—but did you know that cracking a smile can actually benefit your health?

According to a recent study, laughter is an essential component to a productive and happy lifestyle; not only is it pleasurable, but it’s also proven to relieve everyday anxieties and strengthen the immune system.

Therefore, by simple putting on a “happy face”, one can instantly increase oxygen levels in the brain, stimulate circulation, relax the muscles, and achieve a generally positive outlook.

“Laughing definitely helps me stop thinking about stressful situations for a while and lets me relax,” agrees FHS Junior Stephanie Queenan. “I think it’s really awesome!”

“I find that spending time with friends or family and laughing when I am stressed helps me because it relieves some stress and allows me to forget about it for a while,” states 11th grader Allison Klowan.

Indeed, the benefits of laughter are endless; not only does it boost the body’s “feel-good” hormones and sense of overall well-being, but it also increases resistance to harmful infections, diseases, and cardiovascular issues.

But laughter isn’t just praised for its physical advantages—it also dramatically sharpens the mind and improves creativity. Apparently, by maintaining a good sense of humor, one is able view situations through a considerably clearer and more realistic lens.

So go ahead: next time you’re faced with an overwhelming exam or five-page essay, crack a smile and see what happens! Perhaps you’ll find that it’s not so scary after all.

Do you find that laughing or smiling makes you feel less stressed?


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