New School Brings Chaos

New School Brings Chaos

Your future parking lot…

Warren Reynolds

Shannon Morrison

For Franklin High School students returning to school next fall unfamiliarity is an extreme concern among many.

Students attending Franklin High School have mixed emotions about returning to a new school in the fall of the school year 2014-2015. Along with the great excitement of a new building, worries arise about the issues of both parking space and unfamiliarity of a new building.

Parking is vitally important to upper classmen in high school. Those students, who are lucky enough to have cars to drive themselves to school with, are those who not only want but need a place to park their car during the school day.

Concerns continue to arise not only about on the topic of parking, but also on the subject of students knowing their way around the new building as well.

Due to the age of the current Franklin High School, familiarity is no issue to any students because the building itself is so old that students have had the opportunity to learn about it. With the new school, few if any, including the teachers have had the opportunity to experience and learn about the new building.

Along with the enthusiasm of the new Franklin High School come various concerns of the new school including parking and formality.

Let’s hope the New High School brings nothing but positive results to those of concern!