April Fools Prank Standing Tall

April Fools Prank Standing Tall

Pyramid made of band chairs and music stands. Photo by Erin Ohnemus

Erin Ohnemus

In many countries around the world people play practical jokes and pranks for the informal holiday, April Fools day.  Common pranks are putting things in people’s foods, shaking their soda cans or tricking them into believing a certain situation.

On the morning of April 1st at Franklin High word spread fast of the prank that took place in H Wing. An unidentified group of students created a pyramid of chairs and music stands in the band room. This structure reached almost to the ceiling and was made up of almost all of the chairs and music stands kept in the band room.

Music Student, Tia Lombard shares her appreciation for the prank.

“It was a quirky, fun way to celebrate April Fools! The pranksers (who can’t be named) are very happy by the huge response” Says Tia

It remains unclear who exactly pulled this prank, but the music students have created quite the April Fools buzz!