Freshman Banquet!

Jess Simms

Freshman Banquet is less then a week away, scheduled for this Friday, April 11th from 7-10 PM in the FHS Café, and freshmen are eager for the day to finally arrive.

Freshman, Morgan Soderlund tells us about what she is doing this Friday night saying “Yes I am going to banquet and I am excited because I get to hang out with most of my friends.”

With the purchase of a $15 ticket and a signed contract, students get free pizza and candy at the dance. Tickets are being sold in Ms. Kelley’s room before school starts and in Ms. Kayan’s room after school has ended thru Friday, April 11th, but tickets won’t be sold at the door.

Mala St. Germain and Nicole Dorfman, both freshman, comment (in video above) about what they are excited about banquet “We are excited to go to banquet because we get to dress up and have fun with our friends.

Although this dance in intended for the class of 2017 to come together, Sophomores from FHS can come as a Freshman’s guest.

Luisa Bomfim, freshman, says “I am really excited for Friday, but honestly, I am more excited for the time before banquet because I get to do my nails and take pictures with friends.”

“I am excited for banquet because I get to dress up shamansy.” Says freshman, Alyssa Greenblatt.

So get your ticket and have a great time at the 2014 Freshman Banquet!