Can Student Voice Bring Change?

Lindsey Chiarelli

Students from Franklin High School have many ideas on how to make their school more enjoyable, but do not know how to voice these ideas.

After being forced to follow rules from day one in the new building, Mr. Leighton’s F period Contemporary Issues class brainstormed ways to make school more enjoyable and useful for the student body.

The students suggested that the projector in the cafeteria could be used at lunch to watch television or listen to music. They also came up with the idea to use the project rooms for direct studies, where students would be allowed to eat and drink coffee. The class suggested that students should be allowed to use the courtyard for passing time and during lunch. They also brainstormed that the TVs in the halls should play throughout the day and show videos, news, music, sports games, and announcements. Mr. Leighton plans to bring the students’ ideas to the attention of the school’s administration.


When a student outside of this class was asked  how she felt about the new school and what she would change about it, Senior Lauren Ciccolini stated:

“I’m used to it, but I don’t like the no eating rule. I would extend how long we have for passing time, because our classes can be pretty far away from each other. It is also hard to maneuver through the crowded halls.” Ciccolini was asked how she felt about the new uses of technology and responded, “I like getting hard copies of things. Sometimes, computers don’t always work.”

Senior Taylor Watson was asked what her thoughts were about the new school environment, and she said:

“I still don’t feel like it’s our school yet.”

Senior Harrison Ward was also asked what his opinion was of the new school, and stated that:

“Compared to the old school, this one has so much more potential because of it’s new up-to-date facilities and technology.” Ward also said that he did not like the enforcement of lanyards, or the no cell phone policy.

 Many students do not know how they could change the school in order to make it more enjoyable, but many students do. Hopefully, the ideas of these students will be considered by administration in order to make the school more than just an educational learning environment- and more enjoyable for the kids.