A New School Brings A New Problem

Lucy Hemingway

Over a month of school has gone by and the new FHS facility has faced several issues students are complaining about, including the doors on the cafeteria patio with no door handles.

Students have taken notice of this issue because they cannot get in and out of the patio easily. They have to wait at the door for a teacher to come and let them in, which seems like a rather easy process, but it isn’t. Sometimes the teachers are not at their post, resulting in students waiting at the door until a student, sitting inside the cafeteria, notices and lets them in

Nicole DeSimone, a junior, has seen this issue several times saying:  “I was sitting in the cafeteria and I watched two people standing outside, banging on the door, while a teacher was standing in front of the doors and they didn’t notice. A student then had to stand up and open the door for the other students.”

Though this situation seems like an oversight, there is a reason why there are no door handles. Safety and security has become a modern issue within schools and the new school was designed and built with security as a top priority. “It’s an inconvenience at the moment but for security purposes, it’s one that we need to have,” commented Mr. Schmidt.

At the moment there are higher priority issues that need to be handled, but Schmidt expressed that it’s not that the issue isn’t being heard or addressed. He also said that it is a goal of the administration to fix the problem.