Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night was a raging success! Being a few times in from the beginning of the school year, more people seemed to want to participate and come watch the performances. The music ranged from a smoothed down acoustic mashup performed by Charlotte and DJ, to an all-out rock and roll blast from Phantom, the Brown twins, and the Salzillo brothers, which left our ears ringing while walking back to the car.

The setup had a great feel to it with stools, comfy benches, and a welcoming environment. Everyone could be close to one another while listening to our peers perform. The lights changed colors depending on the type of song played, which really catered to the artists and the types of moods they tried to portray through their music.

Even Mr. Wall got up on stage to perform a few musical numbers! He gave great backup vocals to a couple of different performers and jammed on the keyboard. Catch him in Room 105 for more details on Open Mic Night, or even to come to Recording Club, which happens every Thursday after school in that room.

We also loved the way Alexis hosted Open Mic Night. She makes everyone feel good and comfortable about their performances, and keeps the audience informed on the acts to come and in-check between acts.

Come to the next Open Mic Night to watch or perform if you missed this one. The date is TBD, but it should be happening on a Thursday night sometime around the end of May. Come to Recording Club Thursdays after school in Room 105 to jam with fellow classmates, to record music, or even just to hang out. Everyone is welcome! Also, follow Recording Club on Twitter, @FHSMusicProd, for more information. We hope to hear or see you all at the next Open Mic Night or at Recording Club on Thursdays!