Freshman Election: What’s the Talk?

Elizabeth Leo, Writer

Calling all Freshman, the election is here. Candidates Grace Gallo and Maddi Kedrowski are running for different positions, Vice President and Secretary, but have similar views on the election.  

While interviewing, it was brought up by both candidates that the votes are usually dependent on the popularity of the applicants.

For instance, Maddi Kedrowski mentioned: “Sean Hofferty could win President because he has a lot of people to vote for him already, before the election.”

On this topic, Grace Gallo said: “He will win because he is popular,” referring to her competition. Despite the fact that students want the best for their class, they also want their friends and close peers to win what they are running for to see their names representing the class.

Although, both of these candidates said that they are running to help make their school a better place and also assist with specific events in the school, not to become popular.

Kedrowski said: “I would love to write ‘Secretary’ down on a college application, and I want to get involved with the school.”

Meanwhile, Gallo stated: “ I am running to help FHS reach new heights.”  Both are willing to help the school, and not just help themselves.

A popular, new way to campaign this year was creating videos. Gallo and Kedrowski both made videos and put them up on the class website for peers to see and determine who to vote for.

To vote for your choice to represent our class, go to the Class of 2019 website or check your email for a message from Mr. Light.