The Expanding Senior “Perks”

Seniors lunch direct studies have moved into the library.


Seniors lunch direct studies have moved into the library.

Lindsay Melville

Seniors spill about the newly implemented “seniors perks”, and what they also wish to see added in the coming months.

After the senior’s class meeting during advisory period last month, students were told of the newest senior privileges – including directed study changes- that would be available to them in the next few weeks. Prior to this meeting, seniors were given the privilege of signing up to go to the library for lunch, which was normally a school-wide option. However, seniors wanted their long period directed studies moved back to the library, like they had last year, as a senior privilege.

Administration and student government listened to the students’ requests, and faculty discussed at the meeting that directed study for seniors will again move to the library as a senior “perk”. Soon, emails were sent out to seniors saying that their directed studies that were in a classroom this year, will now be allowed in the library for that long period.

Many students were overjoyed that they could return to the library and have a fulfilling senior perk for their last year at the high school.

Seniors are relieved to hear that this situation has changed to apply to all the seniors with a directed study, but they felt that the problem could have been avoided sooner.

However, they do appreciate the fact that administration is working on getting us more senior perks as the weeks go by. Students look forward to hopefully getting to leave early and come in late when their directed studies fall during those periods.

Senior Melissa Marchese added, “I feel like these senior privileges are beneficial to us, because they help prepare us for college by making us more independent in our daily lives.”