Senior Project Forms

Paperwork for Senior Projects are due: Nov. 1st


Amulya Chirravuri , Writer

What is Senior Project?

This is an opportunity to expresses the knowledge or skills that you have learned is your 4 years in high-school. First, you would pick an area of interest and work with a group of people to advance your knowledge in this area, they also will help you familiarize yourself with your future plans and how to properly achieve them.

You will have a team of people who can help you and evaluate your process. Most of the times you are of study will be either at a company or an internship. Even with the help of your support team you are still responsible for being self motivated and be encouraged in your area of interest.

Your support team includes:

  • your parent/guardian(s)
  • a teacher-mentor (faculty member)
  • a site advisory (expert in the area of study at the work site)