How Covid Affected School Lunches

Paige Groh, Writer

Before Covid-19 appeared in the United States, school lunches tasted good and lots of people seemed to enjoy them. Before schools got shut down, a lot of people’s favorite lunch meals that they could get from school were pizza and hamburgers. 

Many people do not get the lunches from school because they heard from a friend that they do not like the lunches or the lunches do not taste good. 

Franklin High School sophomore, Zoe Santos, said that ever since she has been back at school she has gotten lunch from school a couple of times a week. She has got pizza and hamburgers and did not like them, but said the hamburgers are better than the pizza. Her favorite food she has gotten from school for lunch this year would have to be the French toast because it tastes good and not like it was frozen.  

However, before the pandemic, there used to be a salad bar. At the salad bar, you could make your own salad. But now, the salads come pre-made in a container for students.