Athlete of the Week

Colin Young and Chris Davenport

Heather Grove

Q. 1.) When did you start playing lacrosse?

A. I started playing in a lacrosse league in 7th grade, but I had been playing in my backyard with a boys stick forever.

Q. 2.) What position do you play?

A. I play in the midfield and take the draws, so technically center

Q. 3.) Do you plan on playing in college?

A. I’m not planning on going to college to play lacrosse, like I’m not going to choose my school based on that but if it happens, it happens.

Q. 4.) What other sports do you play?

A. I play soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter

Q. 5.) What made you start playing lacrosse?

A. I started playing lacrosse a year after my sister, Caileigh started playing (she started freshman year in high school) because i had watched all of her games and I really enjoyed them. I tend to follow her lead a lot with both sports and school so she is pretty much the reason for why I play.

Q. 6.) How many goals have you scored this season?

A. From my memory, I’ve scored about 14 goals this year, but I don’t know exactly.

Q. 7.) What was your reaction to the KP victory?

A. Beating KP was one of the greatest moments of my life. I watched, for three years, my sister get beat by them and even as a fan I felt like a part of the rivalry. Then as a freshman, I didn’t play much and sitting on the bench I remember being in awe of how good they were and thinking that I would never be able to play with them. Last year we came so close to beating them away (at KP) and in the last 3 seconds i scored the tieing goal. We knew we had the potential to beat them this year but we couldn’t get too comfortable with ourselves even when we had a steady lead, because that’s what happened last year. Every goal was just such an adrenaline rush and it really was a whole team effort, we played amazing from back to front. I was actually sick the day before and the whole weekend after, and coincidentally I was well enough to play basically the whole game and I am so thankful that i could because that win was one of the best feelings; better than any tournament victory. I was so ready for that game, as were my teammates, and the final outcome was truly a dream come true. A few of us cried of sheer joy and we hugged and screamed and just thinking about it still makes me smile because it really shows that hard work pays off, big time.