Red Sox Rebirth

Although the Red Sox just came off a tough 7-3  loss to the Chicago White Sox, they remain tied on top with the Yankees. Starting the season off rough, star players were shining about as bright as a 80 year old penny.

The stud from Tampa Bay that the Sox aquired this year, Carl Crawford has turned his season around similarly to his team. Making $14.8 million in 2011 alone, Crawford was a top trade for the Sox and was suppose to be our new go to guy. Having gotten the silver slugger and golden glove award in 2010, Crawford was going to be a new aspect of the Sox strategy hopefully leading them to a new trophy.

However Crawford started the season batting just .155 with a slugging average of a mear .227. This set not only himself back on the season but drove the Sox to go 2-10 for their first few weeks of the season. Against the arch rival Yankees Crawford on hits a .074, a necessary team to hit well against.

Yet in the month of May he has hit a .300 batting average and in the past 7 games he has hit .346. The transformation of Crawford has in turn helped the Sox surge in the past few weeks winning 6 of their last 10 and going 5-2 on the road.

I am not saying the only reason the Sox have surged is because of Crawford, but the change in attitude and gameplay in Crawford reflects a change in the Red Sox as well.