Bruins vs Canucks to the Stanley Cup or not?

During this year’s season, the Bruins have managed to prove starting with their victory streak that has lead them towards the ultimate goal of any team in the NHL. For them this would be a landmark victory if they accomplish the uncompromisable, Winning for the first time in decades.

During last night game the Boston Bruins Vs the Canucks last night both teams were at end with each other trying to score a goal. The Bruins during the game’s duration has made some close saves with goalie Tim Thomas and Canucks center Henrik Sedin looking for a rebound, or when Vancouver’s goalie makes a save against the Bruins attempt to score a goal

With the score tied with 0 to 0 there had to be swift action in ether team to set the tide in their direction. With this in mind Raffi Torres had in the last 19 seconds of the game slip one past Tim Thomas to end the game with 1 to 0 Canucks. With this will this help drive The Bruins to win during the June, 4 game, and if so will this lead us to victory in the Stanley Cup.