Bruins Triumph Over Canucks Again!

Brian Lutz

With the series going on as it is come down now The Bruins are coming back, proving their worthy competition as a NHL team. With their hard work they are showing their way to be what appears to be a newer more dominate team with their new lucky streak in the series. With the two teams now neck and neck with both at 2-2

With game 3 on Monday Nathan Horton received a concussion from the apposing team and with him out for the rest of the season he was replaced by this Rick Peverly. Before the game commenced Nathan appeared in the Bruins locker room to inspire the team to win again he placing a jacket on Ricks as a sign for encouragement to let him know that he has Horton’s encouragement. Within the first period Rick had proven a worthy replacement for Horton with him managing to score the first goal of the game for the team.

With such a strong lead from the beginning of the game the Canucks with all of their force had made their attempts to score a goal to even out the score. With the games progression the Canucks lacked the ability to score thought with Tim Thomas on the ice making a total of 38 saves in the total game.

By the end of the game the bruins triumphed over the Canucks with the score at 4 – 0 Bruins the seconds win for them in the series and now tied with.