Bruins Bring Home The Cup

Connor Donahue

Last night the Vancouver Canucks hosted game seven of the Stanly Cup Finals against our hometown Bruins. After a wild ride the Bruins came back to tie the series in game six at home, allowing the epic game seven to be played. It has been 39 years since the Bruins took home the cup to Boston, and finally they’re taking it home again.

After a blow to the head, one of the Bruins go to guys, Nathan Horton was able to make the trip to Vancouver to watch his team defeat the Canucks. Before the game, Horton took a bottle of water from Boston and dumped it on the ice in Vancouver as a symbol that it was the Bruins ice that night.

The last time the Bruins hoisted the cup was in 1972 in the years of Bobby Orr. When the Bruins and Timmy Thomas shut out the Canucks 4-0 to win the series, it was a memorable moment the in the eyes of Boston natives. Brad Marchand hit the onetime pass to put the Bruins up 1-0, ultimately starting the rhythm for his team. He scored again in the second a little while later, followed by Bergeron who scored for the third goal of the night.  The open net goal again by Marchand in the third solidified the kill, setting Vancouver fans in a rage.

Timmy Thomas is easily the MVP of the series, holding off 37 shots and getting an exciting shut out and a Stanly Cup.

With “Dirty Water” playing, Chara started off the traditional hoisting of the Cup, passing it along to his team mates. Hockey players as children only dream of holding that trophy, but for the Boston players it became a reality last night. 43 year old Mark Recchi, who most likely will be retiring after this season, held the trophy in his final year of play, a sweet moment to top off a great career.

After the team one, Boston fans celebrated til the early hours of the morning. It was a relatively peaceful party in Boston, only a few people were arrested and little destruction was caused. However, in Vancouver cars were turned and fires were set ablaze as bottles were thrown. It was almost a repeat of the riots in 1994 in Vancouver, just showing how well the Bruins defeated the Canucks.

This will be a day to remember for fans of the Bruins. GO BRUINS!!

(Picture from Milford Daily News)