Defeat of the Knights Under the Lights

Connor Donahue

With tensions riding the players of the boys varsity soccer team from their home opening loss, a win against Stoughton would bring spirits up and keep the hope of tournament in sight.

Tuesday night the boys played their second game against, facing up against the Stoughton Knights on the FHS home turf. Starting out with controlling the game the boys looked like a win was inevitable; however, the Stoughton fans got their team pumped up and started the second half with a crucial first goal.

This unfortunate goal inspired the boys to not allow defeat, once again, bring their brotherhood down. When Reed Turgeon, senior captain for Franklin, got decked by the Stoughton goalie in the box, a critical PK was called in favor of Franklin. With Reed momentarally injured, team co-captain Zach Scafati put the PK in the back of the net.

From this point on the Stoughton Knights and Franklin Panthers fought hard for the win amoungst a riled up crowd. The Stoughton fans sitting behind the benches of both teams we loud trying to pump up their team while at the same time yelling at the referees on every call made.

On a late throw in by Turgeon, the ball soared from the sidelines to the goal and headed in to secure a 2-1 lead by Jake Vesprille. With the Franklin fans finally on their feet cheering and chanting, the Stoughton fans could only look with shock in their eyes as the lead dwindled to a loss.

The boys celebrated their first win of the 2011 season with battered heads and strained muscles. With the next game due to be played at the same place at the same time this coming Friday, the Panthers look strong spirited yet a little bruised and tired.

(Photo From Yousaf)