Soccer Struggles

Connor Donahue

With the hopes of making it into the state tournament for a second year in a row now, the boys soccer team looks small. With five players sitting out with sprained ankles, shin splints, and other reasons, the team struggles in their first game verse their arch rival, King Phillip.

In last years heated battle at the end of the season, the Panthers secured their spot in tournament with a satisfying win over KP.

This year the boys team faced a tough KP team lead by their returning defense who gave the Panthers trouble throughout the game. Franklin lead by captains Zach Scaffati, Sam McGillis, and senior Reed Turgeon took control for most of the first half.Though Turgeon was out sick, Zach and Sam looked strong in the early parts of the game.

After a lucky goal by KP against back up goalie Joe Kalil, Franklin played sloppier and were not on their game. Though they never let another go through the goal, they failed to tie the game up themselves.

KP held strong and kept the game to a 1-0 win over the Panthers.

If the Panthers want a chance at a strong run in tournament they have to get their first. For them to get their they need to get healthier and play with heart.