Rivals Relish Victories Against Red Sox

laura cafasso and laura cafasso

It is clear as day that the Red Sox need to find their groove again, and clean up their act. After all, nobody likes smelly socks. On Saturday, they lost to our arch nemesis, the New York Yankees, 9-1. Whether you were sitting on the sofa with your family and snacks, or actually there, the humiliation is still fresh as a band-aid ripped off your skin. It’s only September, and already the Sox are 5-17, with hopes of a comeback and better pitching getting more bleak with each defeat.

According to boston.redsox.mlb.com, Jon Lester flubbed up again, with eight hits and runs in just 2 and 2/3 innings, throwing a total of 55 pitches. It doesn’t help that his ERA is only at 10.55. Many have speculated that because of his recent and past injuries, he might be hurting or maybe his head is not in the game. But Lester admits “I suck” quite openly, but mentions that riffs such as these are “a part of baseball” and that nothing is wrong with him physically.

But excuses are excuses, and losers are still losers. Optimistic that their luck will turn around, Terry Francona, team manager stated that they have got to “play better” and that they Yankees “really made us pay”. Of course they made us pay! Fresh off another bad game, the Sox hope to score big Sunday afternoon and night ¬†against the Yankees again. After all, who doesn’t love a good comeback story? In the words of Adrian Gonzalez, the Red Sox are definitely the “underdog[s]”.