The Grand Slump

Sean McKeown, Sean McKeown, and Sean McKeown

“They could go all the way this year.”

That is the quote heard frequently before baseball season started and while the Red Sox were the best team in the league. It is a FAR cry from where the team stands now.

The Red Sox have lost 17 of the last 23 games they have played in. They have significantly lowered the odds of going to the playoffs.

Last night we saw the Red Sox turn things around and stay as a contender for the wildcard position in the playoffs. Unfortunately, so did the Rays. The Ray’s are competing with the Red Sox for the spot in the playoffs.

Tonight we can expect to see these two teams trying as hard as ever to win. Not only will they be hoping for a win, but they will be hoping for a loss. They each want each other to lose.

The game is set to begin at 7:05 PM for the Red Sox. It is an away game against the Orioles. The Rays have a home game against the New York Yankees.

The odds would seem in favor of Tampa Bay getting into the playoffs. But don’t count out the Sox yet. The MLB hasn’t; they are working on scheduling a game for Thursday in case both teams stay tied.

Boston has shown that they can be a winning team. The team has shown that they could do that with the team they have NOW. If they could win last night, then they can win it tonight.

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