Golf Superstar Now LPGA member

Laura Cafasso

Alexis or “Lexi” Thompson is not your typical sixteen year old girl. She is not only going to be juggling schoolwork and learning to drive, but now she is an offical LPGA member or Lady’s Professional Golf Association member. Being only sixteen, she was not allowed to even be inducted until the age of eighteen.She requested a waiver to join on Thursday but Mike Whan the LPGA commissoner, already gave her the ok today, according to ABC News.

Lexi has many victories under her belt. Recently at the Navistar LPGA Classic in Alabama,  she won by five shots making her only 17 under par. Lexi talks about how she was “nine or ten” when she knew she wanted to go pro and do it “for [her] whole life”  as said in the new article appearing on Golf Monthly’s website. Lexi made history being the youngest winner ever at that game as well.

Coming up for Lexi Thompson is the end of season games in November for Titleholders, and her official membership with the LPGA starts the beginning of next year. This golf star will be one to watch out for!