Here we go…AGAIN! Edgar vs Maynard III

Sean McKeown and Sean McKeown

UFC 136 is going to Houston, Texas this weekend for a big show. On the show will be the biggest fight rematch in a long time.

Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fought all the way through the fifth round on January 1st of this year. The bout was decided by the judges to be a draw. The fans and the fighters weren’t happy and the UFC knew that a rematch was the best thing that they could do.

The co-main event of the night will be a fight between Boston native, Kenny Florian, and the Brazilian featherweight champion José Aldo. Many people want to see Kenny win the featherweight championship because he has been fighting big name guys for a long time.

My Analysis:

Edgar (w) vs. Maynard

My prediction is that Frankie Edgar will win the fight. Both these guys fought really hard all the way to the end of the fight last time. And both the guys have the same skill set. They are both very good wrestlers and well conditioned to fight to the fifth round. But last time these guys fought, it seemed to me like Edgar was doing better in the later rounds as the fight concluded. I think the fight could easily be neck and neck all the way until the bell. But I think Edgar will win by decision.

Aldo vs. Florian (w)

This fight could easily go both ways as well. Both these guys are very skilled in Muay Thai boxing and submission grappling. I do think that Florian has the edge in both though. If you look at José and Kenny’s records you will see that they have the same amount of fights but José has only one loss, while Kenny has five. The difference between the two is that Kenny Florian’s losses have been against guys that are huge names in the sport. José Aldo’s record may just be better because he hasn’t faced the same guys Florian has. I think the match will end by Kenny Florian winning by submission with the rear naked choke.