Red Sox Head Home After Disappointing Loss

Molly Bond

The Red Sox lost to the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday 4-3 after one of the most abysmal collapses in baseball history.

The Sox record for September was 7-19 prior to Wednesday’s game, which had not been seen in Boston since 1952. In the ninth inning, the score was 3-2, and things were looking up for Sox fans. Pitcher Jonathan Papelbon had already struck out two, but then gave up a double to Baltimore’s Chris Davis. A second double was given up to Nolan Reinold by a frustrated Papelbon, and Baltimore’s comeback was sealed after a single for Robert Andino.

What does this mean for the Sox? Unfortunately, a win on Wednesday night had been crucial in order for Boston to be in the playoffs this season. The horrific meltdown of the Sox this September had tied Boston with the Tampa Bay Rays for the AL wild-card.

Mere minutes after the Sox’s loss to Baltimore, the Rays returned after a seventh-inning rain delay with new energy, coming back after being down 7-0 to win 8-7 against the New York Yankees. The Rays will be competing in the playoffs this season, as the Sox head home, their season over.