Is Epstein Going to the Windy City

Jordan MacLean

After the collapse in September for the Red Sox, news on the Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has come into the light. Theo Epstein has been the Sox’s general manager since 2002 and after Francona left the Sox, the Cubs have asked the team for permission to speak with Epstein. Theo is under contract for one more season, and there were meetings regarding Boston’s response.

The Chicago Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts was asked by Fox Business Network about Epstein and he responded “There’s a lot of good candidates. We’re going to talk to a handful of them and I’m sure we’ll come up with the right fit for the team. Ultimately it will be the decision of myself and my family.’’ But he cannot comment on the status of Epstein’s status as he cannot speak for another team’s GM.

The Red Sox at this point have two options. They could grant permission and use this opportunity to try and draft picks from the Cubs and pry players from the team, or they could choose not to but then they would have an unhappy General Manager. They didn’t give him the chance to explore a promotion, but Epstein could say he is not interested in the Cubs.

It does make sense though, for Epstein to be interested in the Cubs. If he were to take the job, he would have the powers of a GM and the powers of Larry Lucchino, who is the current president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox. He could also make himself Hall of Fame worthy, and say he won in Boston after 86 years and he won at Wrigley after 104-plus years and he would become a baseball immortal. The Red Sox need to be ready and have a successor ready if Epstein does go to the Chicago Cubs. It’s leaving the team with feelings of unrest and uncertainty.