The Bruins Shining Moment

Nicole Morelli

Nobody can forget the fateful day of June 15th when the Bruins beat out the Canucks 4 to nothing and took home the Stanley Cup.

This championship was the Bruins first in 39 years and in honor of the big win they held a ceremony, held in the Wharf Room at the Boston Harbor Hotel, where the players received their Stanley Cup Champ rings and continued the celebration of their amazing victory.

Many of the players said they will almost never where the ring. Very few said actually would. Milan Lucic said that these days the championship rings are practically “yelling at you, screaming off your fingers.”

The rings, which were opened by all players at the same time after Jeremy Jacob’s speech, consist of over three hundred diamonds; 46 are princess diamonds, 35 are custom cut, and 256 and regular round diamonds. On the inside there are several inscriptions. One side shows the NHL logo surrounded by the logos of the Canadians, Flyers, Lightning, and Canucks, all the teams they beat out in the playoffs. The other side says “Full 60+ to History”, the Bruins playoff slogan.

For Mark Recchi this is his third ring. His got his first in 1991 when he played for the Penguins and his second in 2006 when he played for Carolina. Recchi said that he almost never wore any rings. “I’ll start wearing them now that I’m done playing,” Recchi said. “I’ll start wearing them a lot more. I’m excited to do that.”

Most of the rings will be kept on display in trophy cases along with other team memorabilia from other championship runs.