Field Hockey Road to Recovery

Karley Newton

The previously undefeated field hockey team suffered a rough loss against their biggest rival, Canton yesterday. After keeping a lead for the majority of the game, Canton fired back with two goals in the last minute and a half, putting them in the lead two to one.

In the first quarter of the game Katy Cronin, a senior at Franklin High, stepped on the ball and sprained her ankle, and was rushed to the hospital. She is expected to make a full recovery, although she will be on crutches for a least a week. “It’s hard when one of player gets injured” says one girl on the team, “the rest of us have to scramble to find a new dynamic.”

Kim Pfeifle, a junior at Franklin High and the varsity goalie, expressed her worries about the game the day before. “It’s going to be really tough game. They’re our biggest rival, and I hope we can pull ahead.”

Even though they were unable to get the victory against Canton on Thursday, the fall season has just begun, and with their skills everyone else at Franklin High is sure the Field Hockey team will bounce back completely and regain their winning streak.